In collaboration with Ruby Love, published in Coeval Magazine

We often think of ourselves as outsiders of other decades’ fashions, which allows us to have a clear and broad spectrum of a specific time. It is simple to identify the transcendence from past events because of the distance we acquired with the passing of time.

Contrarily, recognising the identity of our own era’s fashions can be extremely challenging since we are completely submerged in the rageous waves of the present, which prevents us from seeing the calm horizon of the past. 

But what if a contemporary of ours presented us with an outsider’s perspective of our own decade? 

In this visual hypothesis, it wouldn’t be the passing of the years which would provide distance to obtain a foreign view of our time, but instead death. 

The travel throughout different dimensions would provide the necessary detach ment from our reality to give us an insight what it is actually the style of our times. 

‘Fantom’ deals with the concept of a passionate spectator of our current time which is no longer part of it. It explores the idea of an 

outsider of our own decade, ambulating in our physical world wearing the clothes that define ‘today’.

"An editorial inspired by the undefinable style 

of the Millenials, a pastiche of all times, worn by a young deceased person that came back to the world as a witty ghost..."

Alissa Aulbekova all rights reserved.