Russian x Kazakh visual artist currently based in London. Studying BA Fashion Communication and Promotion at Central Saint Martins.

NAME:  Alissa Aulbekova

STYLE:  High and Low tech

TECHNIQUES: Digital clothing, Animation, 3D Softwares. Digital and Film Photography. Set design. 

SERVICES:   Art Direction, Post Production and Editorial skills. Moving Image. Experimental Film. Digital Media Skills and Social content curation.

As a viewer, I am aware of the constant optical overload we are faced with, which means that a human eye has never been so significant for communication. In which art direction acts as a catalyst for creation, as it binds all the components of a multidisciplinary practice into one. Responding to our current culture and its effects on perception.

As an experimental artist whose work is fundamentally driven on variety of domains from 3D, photography, set and fashion communication. I channel my inspiration from the undiscovered, yet obscure area of software manipulation. Striving to push upon that path of digital identity to represent the hyper youthful culture of tomorrow. 

Alissa Aulbekova all rights reserved.