Digital Representation 

Pushing the limits of a programme we might see hacks and glitches occurring or giving us the power to manipulate the total of every limit associating with art and technology, responding to our current culture and its effects on perception.

Perfecting one self is now more accessible with no limitations as to its approach. The professional maintenance of public image gives us the opportunity to build digital links and desired one way relationship with the viewer. Presenting oneself as a hyper real and highly edited version summary of you and your brand.

We live in the information age, and we have access to so much data that one could potentially find out anything about you, or create a whole virtual image of you: your posts, tweets, comments and geo location/tagging.Data as such makes us vulnerable, but yet is our own choice to submit it to the public, and loose ownership of. This is a question of identity and how you are perceived through the public eye rather the anonymous server.


My digital representation aims to reveal every part of the photo-graphic process, from innovative looks and extreme sets to unusual photography techniques and breathtakingly unique models.


Errors and unused material


Ongoing project

Alissa Aulbekova all rights reserved.